Top 10 of The Oscars 2009

My highlights, in no particular order, are as follows:

1.      “Think I could make this into a pipe?”  There are few things in life I enjoy more than Pineapple Express, and Seth Rogen and James Franco’s skit was pretty funny.

2.      Poor Joaquin.  Such a talented actor, and he “quits” acting to embark on a rap career.  Thus far, he has managed to “perform” only once (culminating with his falling off the stage), humiliate himself on Letterman, and get parodied by Ben Stiller at the Oscars.  Nicely done, Joaquin, nicely done.

3.      This is actually more of a lowlight, but I feel it’s worth mentioning that there were far too many tween Disney stars present for my liking…

4.      OMG ROBERT PATTINSON!!  TWLIGHT!!  EDWARD!!  (Please note my profound sarcasm).

5.      After her 6th nomination (4 for a leading role, 2 supporting), Kate Winslet finally took home the trophy.

6.      Sean Penn’s acceptance speech, where he not only acknowledged his difficult demeanor, but called the Academy “Commie, homo-loving sons-of-guns.”

7.      Christopher Walken’s hair.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must have had your eyes closed whilst watching or simply don’t know who he is.  I love your work, Mr. Walken, but this is the Oscars.  If there’s ever a time to look dapper, this is it!

8.      Perhaps this shouldn’t be counted since it was merely the pre-show, but I did enjoy Tim Gunn and his commentary.  I am a red carpet coverage junkie.

9.      While I am a musical lover, the fact that Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were sharing the stage with Beyoncé to sing a musical montage was sort of appalling.  This is a direct tie in with number 3 on my list.

10.  Three words:  best supporting actor.


I Am So Into This Movie

“Girls are taught a lot of stuff growing up.  If a guy punches you, he likes you.  Never try to trim your own bangs, and someday you will meet a wonderful guy and get your very own happy ending.”

Ah, the chick-flick.  While some people are afraid to admit their undying devotion to the romantic comedy genre, I myself am willing to shout it from the rooftops.  I am a chick-flick lover.  Say Anything is pretty much my favorite of all time, and if that isn’t the essence of a chick-flick in its prime, I don’t know what is.  I was able to add to my ever-growing list of romantic comedy faves this past weekend when I saw He’s Just Not That Into You.  Not only was it entertaining, it managed to provide some serious insight in 129 minutes.

The film opens with Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), a cute and spunky young woman who, after getting set up on a date, spends the entire week thereafter obsessively waiting for the guy to call.  When he doesn’t, she changes her obsession with him to an obsession with herself—mainly with what she did wrong.  Her infatuation leads her to the place where he hangs out after work, and while Gigi doesn’t find her guy there, she manages to run into his buddy.  Alex (Justin Long) ends up giving her some pretty intuitive advice about men and how their minds (or lack thereof) work.

There are several other plotlines involving a slew of characters whose lives are all intertwined in one way or another.

Beth (Jennifer Aniston) and her boyfriend Neil (Ben Affleck) have been together for seven happy years, and while she wants an engagement ring, Neil is anti-marriage.  When Beth’s younger sister walks down the isle, she presses the issue even more, causing a strain on her relationship with Neil.

Ben (Bradley Cooper, a.k.a. my future husband.  Seriously, check your mailbox soon for your invite to our wedding…) feels like he was forced into marriage with wife Janine (Jennifer Connelly).  When he meets temptress Anna (Scarlett Johansson) at a grocery store, he seriously begins to question his happiness.  (And that’s putting it nicely, because Ben is pretty much a tool).

Kevin Connolly and Drew Barrymore round out the cast, although Barrymore deserved more screen time than she got.

Before I go on, let me just fill you in on something about myself.  I am a movie lover in general, but I am a sucker for movies like this one.  I am also the kind of person who, when I latch on to a new movie, I seriously latch on.  I might see it multiple times before it comes out on DVD, I buy the soundtrack, the book, and hell, if there’s an action figure, I just might buy that too.  Ok, not so much the last one, but you get what I’m saying.

In my opinion, the best scenes in this movie are the ones in which Gigi and Alex interact.  I’m not going to spoil anything for you in case you haven’t seen it, but I do want to share a few gems with you.  Among Alex’s words of wisdom are:

“If he treats you like he doesn’t give a shit, it’s because he doesn’t give a shit.”

“An excuse is a polite rejection.  Men are not afraid of “ruining the friendship.”

“Don’t get tricked into asking him out.  If he likes you, he’ll do the asking.”

““Hey, let’s meet at so-and-so’s party/any bar/friend’s house” is not a date.”

(NOTE:  I am hereby reemphasizing what I said earlier about the workings of the male mind…)

So while I might be getting a little bit behind on my political philosophy readings in the near future due to the fact that I will be occupying my time reading the novel He’s Just Not That Into You, I am strangely okay with it.  It’s the price I pay for being a movie/chick-flick/romance freak.

In closing, I will leave you with some parting words from Gigi herself:

“Maybe the happy ending is this, knowing that after all the unreturned phone calls, broken hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment, you never gave up hope.”

My Grammy Score Card

I have a love/hate relationship with award shows.  The fact that I am glued to my television as soon as Ryan Seacrest and female co-host begin covering the red carpet is probably not healthy, but there are worse things I could do.  Like scheduling more time in my day to fill out my Grammy Score Card than I do my homework.  Actually, I did all my homework earlier today so that I would have plenty of time to watch the awards this evening, so there.  However, I can’t just go into watching something like this blindly.  I have my results predicted, and I figured what better place to set them in stone than here?  And the nominees are…

Record of the Year
Chasing Pavements by Adele
Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
Paper Planes by M.I.A.
Please Read the Letter by Alison Krauss

My prediction: If I had a quarter for every time a radio station across America played “Viva La Vida,” I would have enough money to buy everyone I know a private island and pay for their jet to get to said island.  Having said that, I think Coldplay has pretty much secured themselves the win.

Album of the Year
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends by Coldplay
Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne
Year of the Gentleman by Ne-Yo
Raising Sand by Robert Plant & Alison Krauss
In Rainbows by Radiohead

DISCLAIMER: You may be asking yourself, “what is the difference between record of the year and album of the year?”  I had no idea either, so I used my computer savy and Googled.  To clarify, record of the year is awarded to the artist and producer, recording engineer and/or mixer if they are different from the artist themselves.  Album of the year is awarded to the artist and the producer, recording engineer/mixer and mastering engineer, should they be different from the artist.  So obviously, the difference is clear…

My prediction: If Coldplay doesn’t snag both album and record of the year, I hope Radiohead takes it.  I think I’ll be happy so long as it isn’t the year for a certain gentleman…

Song of the Year
American Boy performed by Estelle (feat. Kanye West)
Chasing Pavements performed by Adele
I’m Yours performed by Jason Mraz
Love Song performed by Sara Bareilles
Viva La Vida performed by Coldplay

My prediction: My first instinct was Coldplay, and while I’m rooting for Mr. Mraz, I think Estelle and Kanye might pull through for the win.

Best New Artist
Jonas Brothers
Lady Antebellum
Jazmine Sullivan

My prediction: I already have my barf bag prepared for when the JoBros hop up onstage to thank “everyone who made this possible.”  That means Disney and tween girls across America.

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
Chasing Pavements by Adele
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
Mercy by Duffy
Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry
So What by Pink

My prediction: Ms. Perry is quite vocal about enjoying the taste of cherry chapstick, and she might be tasting victory here as well.

Best Male Pop Vocal Performance
All Summer Long by Kid Rock
Say by John Mayer
That Was Me by Paul McCartney
I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
Closer by Ne-Yo
Wichita Lineman by James Taylor

My prediction: Part of me wants Kid to win just so I can cringe at whatever lack of shirt he’s wearing as he ambles up to make his, obviously, profound acceptance speech.  But I’m hoping it’ll go to Jason Mraz.

There are a slew of other categories, but I can only predict so much.  Tune in at 8 PM tonight on CBS to see for yourself.

And the Grammy goes to…

Unsolved Mysteries of Lost

It’s true many viewers have long since accused Lost of jumping the shark.  I used to be able to talk about the previous nights’ episode with multiple people the next day, but a lot of my friends have stopped watching.  While their reasons for throwing in the towel vary a bit, they’re all along the same lines:  they’re sick of being duped and never getting answers.  Not me, though.  I am still as addicted as I was during season one, and I can’t stop now.  Michael Phelps, you may be getting high off a bong at some hot party, but Lost is my drug of choice.  For this very reason, I have compiled a little list I call “Top 10 reasons I will faithfully watch Lost until the very end”:

1.     4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  I need to know what these numbers mean.  It’s more of a frustration now than a mystery, and I need it solved.

2.     Who is Jacob?  And why is does he need Locke’s help?

3.     This new guy, Richard, has he been drinking from the fountain of youth?  The dude never gets any older!  Better yet, I have a more fitting question about him.  Is the actor who plays him, Nestor Carbonell, SERIOUSLY blessed with natural dark lashes that make him look like he’s wearing eyeliner?  Or is he a walking advertisement for Maybelline’s new line of guyliner?

4.     I will admit, I was a little skeptical once we got to this whole “island moving locations” plotline.  Up until then, everything was semi-believable (minus the polar bears and all that), but that just took things to a whole new level.  I will, however, continue watching to know if the island ever gets back to its original location/where it will eventually end up, etc.

5.     Daniel Faraday.  I don’t know if he’s going to end up being a good guy or not, but there’s just something about his character I can’t help but get a kick out of.  He’s all twitchy and weird, and I love it.

6.     The demise of Charlie Pace was probably the most upset I ever got over the death of a fictional television character.  I was seriously distraught, because he was, in my opinion, the best part of the show.  When he wrote his “top 5 events of my life” list for Claire, my heart broke into a million tiny pieces.  I am continuing to watch the show because I need closure, to find out that Charlie died for a reason, and that Claire and everyone else will eventually get off the island.  Even if she is currently AWOL…

7.     How is it humanly possible that these people were all so connected before they even got to the island?  Jack and Claire have the same father, etc.  That’s just weird, and I’m hoping some of it will be explained.

8.     The mysterious black smoke.  What is it?  And remember in season one when Locke got to see it up close?  What happened there?

9.     The Kate-Jack-Sawyer love triangle.  She was playing house with Jack before he went all wacko, and Sawyer is still on the island.  But, hell, if the island can move, then maybe Kate and Sawyer will be reunited one day…

10. Two words:  Josh Holloway.

There are plenty more unsolved mysteries/reasons why die-hard viewers will continue to watch, so feel free to post them!