Losing Sleep over Parachute

Normally I pay no attention to the so-called “music” played before a movie in the theatre.  You know, the video clips that play between the celebrity trivia and movie quizzes?  They always seem to be like a step up from elevator tunes, yet still not good enough for radio play.  However, last time I went to the cinema, I was more than pleasantly surprised—enough so to stop my conversation and listen to the band on screen.  Whether it was simply the music, or the cute boys playing said music, Parachute caught my eyes and ears with their song “She Is Love.”  Even though this movie-going experience occurred a few weeks ago, I am still hooked on the song.  After downloading it, the play count in my iTunes library is pretty high, and I am eagerly anticipating the release of their first album, Losing Sleep, on May 19.  In case you’re looking for a cool new band to listen to, allow me to provide you with some more information on Parachute!

While band mates Will (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Johnny (drums), Alex (bass) and Kit (sax/keyboard) have been playing together since high school, they found their final member while attending the University of Virginia.  Nate (guitar) rounded out the group, and they began to attract a local following.

After snagging local gigs, the guys expanded their fan base enough that they were able to perform in Times Square this past New Year’s Eve.

With their larger fan base came a new band name.  Originally called Sparky’s Flaw, the band changed their name to Parachute.  According to Will (on the band’s official Island Records website), “The name just clicked.  I think it fits out style of music.  It’s like my only hope is sitting right there on my back.”

Check out the video for their first single, “She Is Love” here and judge for yourself.


Paul Rudd, I Love You Man.

I finally made it to the movie theatre over Easter weekend, and my theatrical pick starred one of my favorite actors, Paul Rudd.  I Love You Man was nothing short of hilarious, and another amazing effort from Paul.  In honor of his latest release, and his greatness in general, I decided to compile a list of my favorite Paul Rudd moments.

They are as follows:

5.  It’s not likely many of you have seen this, but Rudd guest starred on cult show Veronica Mars in its third season.  Rudd plays Desmond Fellows, front man of a has been band called “My Pretty Pony.”  Check out the clip here:

4.  Most people either loved or hated Knocked Up, and while I won’t count it as one of my favorites overall, Rudd’s impression of Robert De Niro makes it worthwhile:

3.  The awkwardness that was Peter Klaven in I Love You Man.  Rudd and Jason Segel make an awesome pair, and it’s hard to not cringe as Peter comes up with nicknames like “Jobin” for Segel’s character, Sydney, along with utilizing phrases such as “totes magotes.”  View the trailer here.

2.  Playing Cher’s intellectual and philanthropic stepbrother, Josh, in Clueless.  Never mind the creepy fact that they fall in love by the end of the movie (sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t yet seen it), it was the movie that launched Rudd’s career early on.

1.  This is the number one reason why I love Paul Rudd:

Nick, Clark and Michael bring the funny in two different mocumentaries

If you’re looking for a way to relax after a long day of difficult classes and numerous club meetings, look no further than your computer.  You won’t have to sift through channel after channel of reality shows on your TV when you can tune in to Nick’s Big Show or Clark and Michael online.

Nick’s Big Show features Comedy Central star Nick Thune.  The premise is that Nick has quit his stand up comedy routine in order to write, direct and star in his own one man show.  He doesn’t go it alone though, as he has the help of his personal assistant, choreographer and more.  It’s hard to take Nick seriously as he takes part in his dance rehearsal clad in a Garfield sweater and butterfly wings, but this oddball humor is what makes it different, not to mention funny.  So far there are three episodes, and the second one is by far the best.  Check out the promotional video here.

Clark and Michael is a CBS backed mini-series that can be viewed online as well.  It follows best buds Clark and Michael as they deliver their television show script to numerous studios, hoping one of them will pick it up.  As they say in the first episode, “The show will be about two guys looking for work.”

Both shows have an offbeat,  The Office/Napoleon Dynamite feel to them, so fans of either are sure to enjoy both shows.  Check out the preview of Clark and Michael here:

If you want to catch more, you can find the full series of both below:

Episodes of Clark and Michael