Songs that should be on your iPod (if they aren’t already)

I couldn’t pick just ONE song of the day, so you’re getting a three for one special today!

Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye cover) by Walk off the Earth

Love Interruption by Jack White

Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars

What are you waiting for? Open your iTunes window and click “buy”!


“The Walking Dead” season two memes

Last week, Funny or Die posted a bunch of “Walking Dead” memes. I guffawed my way through them earlier today, and the following five were just begging to be shared:

Adam Levine moving from “The Voice” to… “American Horror Story”?

That’s what the word has been around the blog-o-sphere lately.

It seems a bit of an odd pairing, seeing as how Adam Levine has never technically acted before. Why would he start with “American Horror Story”?

Well, in my professional opinion, take a look at the (somewhat) resemblance between Mr. Levine and Dylan McDermott, the star of the show’s first season.

Pretty freaky huh? Not particularly. They both have brown hair and a five o’clock shadow. But, I predict that if the casting choice does go through, season two of “American Horror Story” will be all about an alternate universe where Kate Mara’s psycho character actually survived, gave birth to Ben’s bastard child and we fast forward 25 years into the future. Boom. Adam Levine will play Kate Mara and Dylan McDermott’s love child.

Just you wait. Come October when the show’s second season premieres, you will remember this moment.

Song of the Day: “I Will Keep the Bad Things From You”

To end your St. Patty’s day on a wonderful note, I give you one of the most poetic, beautiful songs out there:

I will keep the bad things from you / I will keep a straight face honey /
You can keep your last name if you want to / I will give you all my money /
I could take a plane right to you / If I could just stop running /
What if all this was true?

Kick-Ass 2: “We shoot this summer”


On more than one occasion, I have proclaimed my love for the movie Kick Ass. The good news for fellow Kick Ass lovers is that the sequel is finally on its way!

(Image courtesy of

I’m really hoping it doesn’t suffer the sophomore slump like a lot of sequels/prequels/whatever usually do these days, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

According to creator Mark Millar, the sequel is slated to start shooting in the next few months. In the interview with Scotland’s Daily Report, Millar also said that original director Matthew Vaugh (X-Men: First Class) should be on board as well. However, he will most likely be producing this time, as he is already involved with directing the next X-Men film (yay on that front as well).

In the interview, Millar also mentioned a sequel to Wanted, which in my opinion, would probably be best if it did not happen. The first one was enough, thank you very much.

Anyways, if you haven’t seen Kick Ass, do yourself a favor and SPRINT to your nearest Blockbuster. At the very least, make sure you see it before the sequel comes out in, sadly, probably several more years.

“How come nobody’s ever tried to be a superhero?”

Movie Poster: “The Dark Knight Rises”

Any day that includes Batman related news is a good day in my book. Today, Rotten Tomatoes unveiled the latest poster for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated film, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Compared to the first teaser poster, I would much rather have the new one framed and on my wall. While they’re both awesome, the first one was pretty bland and could be used for any movie in the Batman franchise. The latest features Bane (the villain in “The Dark Knight Rises”) in the background.

As always, I’ll allow you to judge for yourself:

Agree or disagree?

Versace meets H&M meets my closet

This post is going to deviate from my strict “pop culture only” policy briefly, but bare with me.

My leather jacket has been my signature wardrobe essential since I purchased it at the ripe age of 17. By my calculations, that means I’m well past due for a new one. And have I EVER found it. Please take a minute to revel in the sheer beauty of the following item:

This is the most beautiful jacket I have ever seen. Soft, fitted leather, quilted sleeve detail, gold and silver studded hem. Perfect.

Alas, by the time I save up enough money from my minimum wage job over Christmas break, A) this beauty will be sold out and B) it will be summer and too hot to wear it.

Song of the Day: “Holding Out For A Hero”

Ella Mae Bowen’s version of “Holding Out For a Hero” is completely, 100 percent different than Bonnie Tyler’s original, but I also think it’s that much better. I have been obsessively listening to this song on repeat for days on end, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Don’t judge me until you listen for yourself.

30 Days of Music: What is your favorite song right now?

I’m usually a very decisive person (HA!, yeah right) so the fact that I couldn’t pick just one song for my first question shouldn’t be a surprise. I put a positive spin on it and decided that instead of hemming and hawing, I’d just take the opportunity to share not one, but three, awesome songs with you all.

The first is “What The Water Gave Me” off Florence + The Machine’s new album, “Ceremonials,” which was just released on Halloween. Florence Welch’s voice is like liquid gold, and her fiery red tresses would make even Ariel jealous. I know I am.

Song number two is “Punching In a Dream” by The Naked and Famous, an indie band from New Zealand. Just watch the video, it will make complete sense.

Not to be cliche, but I saved the best for last. As someone who was obsessed with Mumford & Sons as soon as their debut album dropped in February 2010 (long before they played the Grammys with Dylan, ahem), I obviously let out a fangirl squeal when I heard their new song today. “Ghosts” or “Ghosts That We Knew” (apparently they haven’t quite nailed down the title yet) will be featured on the band’s new album, which will be released in the next few months. The sooner the better, I say, because this band is proof that good music still exists. Click play, get goosebumps, fall into a trance, repeat. Click here to give it a listen.

Check back in the next few days for challenge number two: the song that was number one when yours truly was born (waaaaay back in the ’90s).

This Tuesday’s new releases

It seems like just yesterday I saw “Captain America” in theaters over the summer, and today is hit stores on DVD. Insert nostalgic sigh here.

While I have yet to purchase it, I hear the DVD has some pretty tasty extras like behind-the-scenes featurettes and more.

In music news, my faves She & Him released their very first Christmas album today. While I am quite possibly the biggest She & Him fan on the planet, I cannot bring myself to even think about listening to this disc yet. I still don’t even have my Halloween costume together yet! Once turkey time has come and gone, expect a review of the album in it’s entirety, but for now, I’ll give you a glimpse of the cover art, because that’s all the holiday spirit I can muster right now…

Tis the season? Not quite yet!