My Best Weekend Ever

This past Saturday was basically the best day of my entire life.  Why, you ask?  Allow me to share with you.

I have been a die-hard Parachute fan ever since I heard their first single, “She Is Love,” nearly a year ago, and I have posted about them approximately 238 times on here already.

On Saturday, I not only got to see the band perform a live acoustic set, but I got to MEET them as well when they visited Borders in Birmingham, MI.

After meeting the band, my friends and I followed them to Pontiac for their second concert of the day.

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Also, you can see my now permanent desktop picture here…

Kit, Nate, Me, Alex, Amanda, Will and Johnny

Kit, Nate, Me, Alex, Amanda, Will and Johnny


The Fray = Happiness

In my mind, the true test of a musician is whether or not they can give a good live performance.  If only all “musicians” went through this screening process, we could perhaps weed out the Miley Cyruses of the world and save our eardrums from bleeding.

One band that would pass this test with flying colors is The Fray.  I can now personally attest to this after seeing them last night at the Breslin.

I had a primo second row floor seat, and I was so close to those boys that I think I might have all of their facial features permanently burned into my retinas.

They had an incredible energy, played songs from both their second and first albums, and I loved every second of it.

The great thing about being a journalist is that when I take 67 photographs at a concert, I can use the excuse “I’m a journalist, it’s what I do.”  Being able to mask my crazy fan girl self with a semi-legitimate excuse helps me save face after the fact.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough space to post all of those photos here, but I’ll give you a glimpse at a few…

Losing Sleep over Parachute

Normally I pay no attention to the so-called “music” played before a movie in the theatre.  You know, the video clips that play between the celebrity trivia and movie quizzes?  They always seem to be like a step up from elevator tunes, yet still not good enough for radio play.  However, last time I went to the cinema, I was more than pleasantly surprised—enough so to stop my conversation and listen to the band on screen.  Whether it was simply the music, or the cute boys playing said music, Parachute caught my eyes and ears with their song “She Is Love.”  Even though this movie-going experience occurred a few weeks ago, I am still hooked on the song.  After downloading it, the play count in my iTunes library is pretty high, and I am eagerly anticipating the release of their first album, Losing Sleep, on May 19.  In case you’re looking for a cool new band to listen to, allow me to provide you with some more information on Parachute!

While band mates Will (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Johnny (drums), Alex (bass) and Kit (sax/keyboard) have been playing together since high school, they found their final member while attending the University of Virginia.  Nate (guitar) rounded out the group, and they began to attract a local following.

After snagging local gigs, the guys expanded their fan base enough that they were able to perform in Times Square this past New Year’s Eve.

With their larger fan base came a new band name.  Originally called Sparky’s Flaw, the band changed their name to Parachute.  According to Will (on the band’s official Island Records website), “The name just clicked.  I think it fits out style of music.  It’s like my only hope is sitting right there on my back.”

Check out the video for their first single, “She Is Love” here and judge for yourself.