Spring break movie reviews (in 140 characters or less)

Since I saw about 99 movies over the past week and a half, I decided to do something different, review-wise.

I shall review each in 140 characters or less. Here goes!

“Battle L.A.”: Must see in DBOX. Intense battle scenes, scary alien thing. Had little hopes for Aaron Eckhart, but was impressed. J.J. Abrams fans unite!

“Rango”: Talking lizard. Good, but I thought it was going to end three times. It finally did on the third. Hunter S. Thompson nods a-plentiful.

“Take Me Home Tonight”: Let it be known that Topher Grace’s career high was “That 70s Show.” Then this. Then the disgrace that was “Spider-Man 3.” Marginally funny.

“The Adjustment Bureau”: Matt Damon finds dream girl. Loses dream girl. Three times. Runs around in a fedora opening doors. Changes fate. Gets girl back. Oops.

And I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I saw 99 films. A large majority of them were DVDs though, so I figured I’d just go with the currently-in-theaters bunch. Some of the DVDs I finally saw were “Up,” “Despicable Me,” and “The Last Three Days.” I also revisited some of the classics, such as “Clueless.”

If you’ve seen any of these new releases, let me know what you thought!


Song of the day: “Poison & Wine”

Artist: The Civil Wars

Song: “Poison & Wine”

Album: Barton Hollow (2011)

You know when you hear a song for the first time and it’s just so painfully good that you can’t stop listening to it? This is one of those songs.

The Civil Wars is a folk duo composed of Joy Williams and John Paul White (who, by the way, is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp and Jack White’s hypothetical child).

This song comes off of the singer/songwriter-duo’s first full-length album which was released on Feb. 1, 2011.

Do yourself a favor and just listen. Like I said: painfully good.

You can’t love me, I’m unloveable…

I like to think I’m a musical connoisseur of sorts…

However, until a few days ago, I’d never heard of Babybird, a British band formed in the mid-1990s.

The group is led by frontman Stephen Jones and their latest single is called “Unlovable,” which features the very loveable Johnny Depp on guitar.

Click here to keep reading!

“Almost Alice” track list announced

What do 3OH!3, Wolfmother and Pete Wentz have in common?  Upon its release, all three will be featured on the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s latest feature film, “Alice in Wonderland.”

While the movie will be released on March 5, the movie’s soundtrack, “Almost Alice,” will be released a few days prior on March 2.

The track list was just published online, and in addition to the aforementioned few, the disc also features songs by Owl City, Metro Station and more.

While there aren’t any clips of any of the songs online yet, you can check out the song titles here…

  1. “Alice (Underground)” by Avril Lavigne
  2. “The Poison” by the All American Rejects
  3. “The Technicolor Phase” by Owl City
  4. “Her Name is Alice” by Shinedown
  5. “Painting Flowers” by All Time Low
  6. “Where’s My Angel” by Metro Station
  7. “Strange” by Tokio Hotel and Kerli
  8. “Follow Me Down” by 3OH!3 feat. Neon Hitch
  9. “Very Good Advice” by Robert Smith
  10. “In Transit” by Mark Hoppus and Pete Wentz
  11. “Welcome to Mystery” by the Plain White T’s
  12. “Tea Party” by Kerli
  13. “The Lobster Quadrille” by Franz Ferdinand
  14. “Running Out of Time” by Motion City Soundtrack
  15. “Fell Down a Hole” by Wolfmother
  16. “White Rabbit” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

The first single off the album will be “Alice (Underground)” by Avril Lavigne.

Thoughts?  What do you think, are you more excited for the movie itself or the soundtrack??

Tim Burton invades MoMA

Starting this November, Tim Burton’s artwork is taking over the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City.

Burton (right) with Johnny Depp

The gallery exhibit, which begins Nov. 22 and runs through April 26, 2010, features drawings from Burton’s early childhood, films made prior to his professional career and many more never-before-seen pieces.

All are conveyed in a variety of mediums, including drawings, puppets, storyboards, cartoons, costumes and props.

A film exhibit is being paired with the gallery exhibition in order to further honor Burton and his works.  It runs Nov. 18 through April 26 with one or more of Burton’s films screened daily.

Upcoming titles include “Edward Scissorhands,” “Beetlejuice,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Big Fish” and “Sweeney Todd.”

Burton himself will be making a personal appearance at MoMA today, Nov. 18, for a book signing.

If, like me, you’re dying to go but don’t live in NYC, perhaps this promotional video will suffice.

(No? Sorry, I didn’t think it would be enough. I myself am currently perusing orbitz.com to find a flight from Detroit to New York so I can be there in time for the book signing…)

Public Enemies and Inglourious Basterds, oh my!

My last few posts have been me rambling about how excited I am for Halloween, but now I have a reason to look forward to December!

My two favorite movies from the summer will be released on DVD within a week of each other.  SCORE.

“Public Enemies” will be available on Dec. 8, followed by “Inglourious Basterds” on Dec. 17.

Trust me, I could go on a rant of how awesome I think both are, but I will spare you my commentary.  For now, that is…

Instead, I’ll give you a two sentence summary and preview for each.

“Public Enemies” is directed by Michael Mann and stars Johnny Depp, Christian Bale and Marion Cotillard.  It’s the true story of 1930s American gangster John Dillinger (Depp) and the cat-and-mouse game he plays with the FBI, most notably agent Melvin Purvis (Bale).

“Inglourious Basterds” is directed by Quentin Tarantino and stars Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz and Eli Roth.  It takes place in France during World War II, where a group of Jewish-American soldiers called “The Basterds” go on a Nazi killing spree.

Check back in December for DVD reviews!!

We all scream for “Scream 2009”

This October, Spike TV presents its 4th annual Scream awards, which honor the best horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comic-book inspired films.

The event was taped on Saturday, Oct. 17 and will be aired on Spike TV on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Categories include best movie for all the previously mentioned categories, “The Ultimate Scream,” “Scream Song of the Year,” “Best Superhero” and many more.

While it was up to the advisory board to assemble the nominees, fans were able to vote online for their favorites.  Among those on the advisory panel include Tim Burton, Eli Roth, Wes Craven and Zack Snyder.

Of all the nominations, “Star Trek” tops out with 17 nods.

Quentin Tarantino, Christina Ricci, JJ Abrams and casts including “Twilight,” “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries” will all be either presenting or accepting awards.

Johnny Depp will also be present (yay!) to accept an award for the “Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movie”(Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” which is to be released in March of next year).  He will also be presenting the Rolling Stone’s Keith Richards with the ‘Rock Immortal’ award.

While this awards show is pretty much the polar opposite of The Oscars, it’s a must see for horror/sci-fi/fantasy fans.

Scream 2009 will be televised on Spike TV on Oct. 27 at 10 p.m.

For now, enjoy this “Alice In Wonderland” trailer.  What do you think…did it deserve the award?

Everybody look at me, cause I’m sailing on a boat!

It seems as though everyone is taking to the seas these days.  Whether it be college kids going on spring break or comedians and rap stars collaborating to make a hilarious music video, sailing is the cool thing to do.  I don’t know about you, but I would love to spend my spring break on a boat with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaeffer and T-Pain.

If it’s not the guys of The Lonely Island, it’s one celebrity or another sailing off to their private island in some exotic locale on their personal yacht.  If you are lucky enough to be boarding a cruise ship over break, you may just pass Diddy, Bono, or Tiger Woods on the open water.

Now I am no expert on yachts or anything of that nature, and I’m not even going to pretend like I am.  I am slightly more educated now than I was a few weeks ago though, thanks to my brother bringing me a magazine back from a boat show he attended for work.  Initially, I would have been perplexed.  I read People, not Boat USA International. But then he informed me that Johnny Depp’s yacht was on the cover, and it all made perfect sense.

Depp’s yacht, the Vajoliroja (say it fast and pronounce it correctly and it sounds like “The Jolly Roger”), is exquisitely furnished with custom window coverings, patterned leather and Italian velvets.  Fun fact about the boat’s name, it’s a combination of Johnny’s name, along with girlfriend Vanessa and their kids, Lily Rose and Jack.

The pictures in the magazine are extremely impressive, yet many of them cannot be found online, so I’m going to have to go with the few I can locate:

Note the pirate flag!


The interior

The interior

While I myself am heading off to the windy city for spring break, if any of you are going anywhere towards the Mediterranean, keep an eye out…you just might spot a celebrity the next boat over!