Bon Iver album out June 21

Rejoice, Bon Iver fans. Three years after the release of “For Emma, Forever Ago,” Justin Vernon is finally giving us some new ear candy.

The self-titled release will drop on June 21. Until then, check out the track list here:

  1. Perth
  2. Minnesota, WI
  3. Holocene
  4. Towers
  5. Michicant
  6. Hinnom, TX
  7. Wash.
  8. Calgary
  9. Libson, OH
  10. Beth/Rest

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Justin Vernon Gets Auto-Tuned

I think I might be in love.

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has a new project in the form of a 23-person supergroup called Gayngs.

Their debut disc, “Relayted,” was released in May and is a fantastically crafted album. I might be a little biased because Vernon’s vocals always make me melt, but seriously. It’s amazing.

As for the auto-tune part, the following video is from a show the band played a few months ago. A show where Vernon apparently decided to take a cue from T-Pain.

Strangely enough… it kinda works.

Watch them perform “The Gaudy Side of Town” here:

Bottom line? Gayngs make all run of the mill, four-member indie bands look weak.

Holy Justin Vernon!

Get ready to do a happy dance, Bon Iver fans.

Justin Vernon hit the stage with Brian Moen the other day to play a show with The Shouting Matches in Wisconsin. The result? A bluesy, effin’ fantastic departure from his usual painfully gorgeous falsetto. Emphasis on the effin’ fantastic part.

Please don’t take my word for it, as you must see this magic for yourself.

With that, I give you The Shouting Matches performance of Son House’s “Death Letter.”

Song of the Day: “Blood Bank”

Track: “Blood Bank”

Artist: Bon Iver

Just because I feel like it.

Just because Justin Vernon could sing the phonebook to me and I would be in complete heaven.

Just because I don’t care if people say it’s not as good as “For Emma, Forever Ago,” because he can do no wrong.

Just because I could say a lot more.

Just listen.