Coming soon: “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”

I’m not sure if it’s the odd pairing of the two stars, or the storyline itself, but I’m not so sure about this one, folks.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a story about just that, the end of the world. When it’s announced that an asteroid is going to strike down on Earth and obliterate everything and everyone on it, everyone gets a little out of sorts.

A man (Steve Carell) has only his cleaning lady for company after his wife leaves him in a panic. He teams up with his neighbor (Keira Knightley) and decides to spend his last days on a cross country journey to reunite with his high school sweetheart.

But really, Steve Carell and Keira Knightley? That’s a pretty odd combo. Odder than Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel in Yes, Man. And that was the definition of weird love pairings.

Judging by the trailer, my guess is they’re going to fall in love during their road trip, and by the time they reach their destination, they’ll find out that an asteroid is not actually going to strike the Earth, and they are in fact going to live. They will then either realize that they only glued to one another because they thought they were going to die, or they will set up shop wherever they land and have little Steve Carell-Keira Knightley babies.

In case you still want to see it, even after I’ve laid everything out for you, feel free to catch it at your local theatre on June 22. For now, check out the trailer below:


This Tuesday’s new releases

It seems like just yesterday I saw “Captain America” in theaters over the summer, and today is hit stores on DVD. Insert nostalgic sigh here.

While I have yet to purchase it, I hear the DVD has some pretty tasty extras like behind-the-scenes featurettes and more.

In music news, my faves She & Him released their very first Christmas album today. While I am quite possibly the biggest She & Him fan on the planet, I cannot bring myself to even think about listening to this disc yet. I still don’t even have my Halloween costume together yet! Once turkey time has come and gone, expect a review of the album in it’s entirety, but for now, I’ll give you a glimpse of the cover art, because that’s all the holiday spirit I can muster right now…

Tis the season? Not quite yet!


Top 10 in ’11 fall entertainment

Fall is by far my favorite season. Cozy scarves, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween… I could go on.

This fall, there is also plenty to look forward to entertainment-wise. I give you the top 10 things I’m looking forward to in the autumn months:

“The New Girl”
A prime-time comedy starring my girl crush, Zooey Deschanel? Yes, please. In “Girl,” Deschanel portrays Jessica Day, a quirky woman who moves in with three single guys. Comedic hijinks ensue.

Catch “The New Girl” when it premieres on FOX on Sept. 20, or download it a week early on iTunes.


Ryan Gosling stars as a stuntman who moonlights as a getaway car driver. After a robbery gone wrong, he finds himself in serious danger.

“Drive” hits theaters on Sept. 16.

”Straw Dogs”

A remake of the 1971 original starring Dustin Hoffman, this time James Marsden and Kate Bosworth get terrorized by some locals after relocating to the deep South.

“Straw Dogs” opens on Sept. 16.


Initially, the pairing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogan seemed a little odd to me. Especially in a depressing (maybe somehow uplifting?) film about a man with cancer. However, it’s growing on me each time I see the trailer.

Go see “50/50” on Sept. 30.

“2 Broke Girls”
Perhaps this will turn out to be just another typical, not-so funny sitcom, or maybe it will be a hidden gem. I’m looking for a show to replace “One Tree Hill” until it comes back in January, so hopefully this will fit the bill.

“2 Broke Girls” premieres on CBS Sept. 19.

“Up All Night”

Another sit-com, but I have a feeling this one will actually be funny. It stars SNL’s Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett, as well as Christina Applegate.

Catch it when it premieres on NBC on Sept. 14.

“Real Steel”

When I first saw this trailer, I laughed. I probably laughed the first 20 times I saw it (so many times due to work, not by choice). But after the 35th time, it started growing on me. It stars Hugh Jackman as a retired boxer who teaches a robot, “ADAM!,” to fight.

It hits theaters on Oct. 7.

“The Thing” and “Paranormal Activity 3”

I chose to lump these two together because a) there are lots of things I’m looking forward to and b) they’re both horror movies. Hopefully “The Thing” lives up to John Carpenter’s 1982 original. As for “Paranormal Activity 3,” a prequel with creepy children is always a smart move in terms of box-office sales.

“The Thing” hits theaters Oct. 14; “Paranormal Activity 3” on Oct. 21.

“The Rum Diary”

Based on Hunter S. Thompson’s novel of the same name, it stars Johnny Depp as Paul Kemp, a boozy journalist writing for a Caribbean newspaper.

Catch “The Rum Diary” on Oct. 28.

Halloweekends at Cedar Point

Maybe this technically doesn’t count as “entertainment,” but it’s going to be pretty entertaining for me. I’ve never been to Cedar Point, and I’m going for Halloween. With the group I’m going with, I know it will be nothing but crazy fun.

Zooey Deschanel & Winnie The Pooh

These are a few of my favorite things!

Check out a sneak preview of Zooey’s song “So Long,” one of many she is contributing to the “Winnie the Pooh” film soundtrack.

“Winnie the Pooh” hits theaters July 15. And, as a then-21-year-old, I will have no problem seeing it at my local cineplex.

Tired Pony is Nothing to Run From

My inner fan girl is freaking out right now. Care to guess why?

No, Jack White hasn’t formed another band (hey, I can dream, right?)

Imagine a world of musical perfection, where members of Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian and R.E.M. team up to form a fantastic supergroup.

Dream no more, people, because this one’s a reality.

They’re called Tired Pony and are led by Snow Patrol Singer Gary Lightbody.

Click here to find out the rest!

Music That Fits Just as Well as Your Jeans

Personally, I have to place the importance of music in my life before my Levi’s.

However, I must give the company props for its new campaign, “Levi’s Pioneer Sessions: The Revival Recordings,” which allows a diverse group of musicians to select and cover a song that has personally influenced them.

Click here to continue reading and download a free song by She & Him!

“Volume Two” arrives over a week early

Last week She & Him released a delightfully perky music video for the duo’s single, “In The Sun.”  This week, they topped that with a free stream of their yet to be released sophomore album, “Volume Two.”

The disc hits iTunes and store shelves a week from tomorrow, March 23rd.  Personally, this date has been marked on my calendar and committed to memory for what seems like an eternity.  Because of this, I was thrilled to find that NPR posted an exclusive first listen of the entire album this morning.

I’m going to save my review of “Volume Two” for next week, so keep an eye out for it.  The iTunes version of the album comes with a bonus track, “I Knew It Would Happen This Way,” and I feel that writing a review without it would be incomplete.

I will say this though:  some early reviews I’ve seen have been complaining that there’s too much She (Zooey Deschanel) and not enough Him (M. Ward).  Zooey did write all of the tracks for the album, and it might be a little She heavy this time, but I’m loving it so far.  Also, if you choose to only listen to one track, let it be “Ridin’ In My Car.”

Ok, seriously, that’s all I’m going to say for now.

Check back next week and enjoy the free stream until Tuesday!

She & Him video for “In The Sun”

Indie-duo She & Him unveiled the first video from their upcoming album today.

The pair, better known as Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, will be releasing their second album, “Volume 2,” on March 23.

Until then, check out the video for “In The Sun” below.  It’s pretty much impossible to be unhappy after watching it, it’s just that darling.

“In The Sun”: A She & Him Preview

Attention, She & Him fans!

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have released a track off their upcoming sophomore album, “Volume 2” two months early.

One of thirteen songs on the album,  “In The Sun” does not disappoint.  The track provides fans with a taste of what to expect:  the same raw talent the duo displayed on “Volume 1.”

“Volume 2” drops March 23, but for now, check out “In The Sun” here.

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