AOL Sessions with Adam Lambert

Interested in some brand spankin’ new live performances from Adam Lambert? Look no further.

For his AOL Sessions debut, Lambert performed five songs off his album, “For Your Entertainment,” including “Whataya Want From Me,” “If I Had You,” “Fever,” “Strut” and “Soaked.”

The performances, along with both video and text interviews, are available on AOL’s music site.

Check out two of Lambert’s performances, “Fever” and “Soaked,” below.


“Whataya Want From Me?” More music videos please…

Ah, what a great way to start the weekend.

“Whataya Want From Me,” Adam Lambert’s latest music video, has just been released.  While it’s a bit of a departure from the first one, “For Your Entertainment,” it definitely won’t leave fans disappointed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It seems appropriate that Lambert’s next move would involve a song with lyrics like “It messed me up, need a second to breathe,” shortly after his AMA scandal in November.

The video is a lot more laid back than the first one, but it’s still got his signature flair.

Don’t simply take my word for it though…check out the video for “Whataya Want From Me” above!

“Yeah, it’s plain to see/That baby you’re beautiful/And it’s nothing wrong with you.”

Orianthi = Guitar Hero

Orianthi Panagaris certainly knows how to rock the guitar.  She was named one of the 12 greatest female electric guitarists by Elle magazine in August and her debut single, “According to You,” is a hit in both the U.S. and her native Australia.

Orianthi was Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist for his “This Is It” rehearsals and is also featured on Adam Lambert’s debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” during a guitar solo on the song “Sleepwalker.”

I’ll let both of these videos do the talking.  Check out the official video for Orianthi’s debut song here:

Hello, and welcome to the 21st century

Racy.  Vulgar.  X-rated.

Everyone is buzzing about Adam Lambert’s gig at last night’s American Music Awards, and all of the above words have been used to describe his performance.

















CNN called Lambert’s choreography “sexually suggestive,” while ABC and Dick Clark productions released a joint statement in which they said “Due to the live nature of the show, we did not expect the impromptu moment in question.”

The “impromptu moment in question” they are referring to is when Lambert’s crotch met the face of one of his backup dancers.

While that incident is probably getting the most negative attention, people are also horrified that Lambert kissed his male keyboard player near the end of the song.

Viewers were so shocked, in fact, that when the AMAs were broadcast on the West Coast, ABC decided to censor Lambert’s performance, cutting away from the singer during the simulated fellatio.

Now, was this Lambert’s best performance to date?  Probably not.

Was it shocking, bordering on obscene?  Yes.

Should you have been expecting anything less from him?  Not at all.

If you were hoping for Lambert to merely stand still on stage in front of the mic, then you are sorely mistaken.  He pushed the envelope as much as he could on “American Idol,” and now that he’s on his own, he’s pushing it even more, which is exactly what he should be doing.

At least he has the guts to be himself, Elvis hair and all.  How many artists can you name who would risk giving such a controversial performance?  My guess is not many, and the ones that you could name would all be women.

How many times have we seen Britney Spears writhe around half naked on stage? Heck, we’ve even seen her kiss Madonna, so why not Lambert and some dude? There is a double standard in society that extends into the music industry–where it’s okay for women to push the envelope with their sexuality, but when a male does it, all hell breaks loose.

After his performance, Adam talked to Rolling Stone backstage and gave some personal feedback:

“We’re in 2009.  It’s time to take risks, be a little more brave, time to open people’s eyes and if it offends them, then maybe I’m not for them,” Lambert said. “My goal was not to piss people off, it was to promote freedom of expression and artistic freedom.”

Ever heard of this thing called the First Amendment, people??

You know, the one that grants the American people freedom of speech??  It exists to provide everyone the right to express themselves freely and is an essential right for all.  You might want to remember that little fact before ripping Lambert a new one.

“But this is a family friendly program!” you say.  “My children were watching!”

Well, perhaps you should have tucked little Timmy in a tad earlier.  It shouldn’t be up to ABC or the FCC to decide what you and your kid do or do not get to see.

Censorship treats people like they’re not intelligent enough to decide what is appropriate for them on their own.  It takes the decision away from the individual and places it in the hands of someone else. Sorry, but how does this support what we are granted with the First Amendment?  Oh, wait, I guess it doesn’t. Goodbye, freedom of speech.

I guess I’m sort of shocked by the backlash this performance has received.  People have taken to online message boards to let Adam know that he has lost a fan in them, that it was completely inappropriate, etc, etc.

Have you people ever heard of Elvis?  Freddie Mercury?  David Bowie?  All of these artists pushed the limits during their time, as Adam is doing right now.

Whether or not you liked this performance, you have to admit it was pretty epic, and obviously caused controversy.  Is anybody talking about anything AMA related besides Lambert today?

Clearly, the large majority of Lambert fans have not dismissed him entirely, because his debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” was released today and is currently number seven on the iTunes best selling album chart.

I would personally like to congratulate Adam for not conforming, for maintaining his artistic integrity and for standing out in an industry of cookie cutter musicians.

Nicely done.

Countdown to the 2009 AMAs

What do Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert and the Black Eyed Peas have in common?

All three will perform LIVE at the Nokia Theatre in L.A. for the American Music Awards tonight.

AMA winners are determined by online voting and honor artists in rock music, country and everything in between.

Janet Jackson will open the show with an eight minute performance, while Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna will also take the stage to showcase their talent.

Taylor Swift and Michael Jackson have the most nominations this year, with six and five, respectively.  Both are up for the coveted “Artist of the Year” award.

Kings of Leon, Lady Gaga and Eminem are also nominees in the same category.

The 37th American Music Awards air tonight, Nov. 22, on ABC at 8 p.m.

I’ll have more AMA updates for you after the show, but for now I will leave you with the following preview:

Breaking News! “Time For Miracles” Music Video!

This week just keeps getting better.

Not only did “Time For Miracles” become available for my downloading pleasure on iTunes yesterday, but now the official music video has been released!

Check it out here and let me know what you think!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

‘Time For Miracles’ and time for more Lambert!

“Baby, you know that maybe it’s time for miracles/’Cause I ain’t givin’ up on love/You know that maybe it’s time for miracles…”

I should start by saying that I voted for Adam Lambert more times on American Idol than probably anyone, including his own mother.

Having said that, I am beyond excited that a snippet of his song ‘Time For Miracles’ has been leaked to the Internet!

This track comes from the soundtrack to the film ‘2012,’ and is not Lambert’s first single off of his debut album.  It is, however, a delicious treat to tide over his biggest fan (me) until his album drops.

Take a listen here, and (ye be warned!) prepare for goosebumps…

Pretty magical, huh?

In case you haven’t heard of the film ‘2012,’ it’s basically about the end of the world.  A group of people attempt to counteract the apocalypse predicted by the Mayan calendar for the year 2012.  I can’t give you much more information than that, because the film doesn’t come out until November 13.

More importantly, the soundtrack comes out a few days before on November 10.  You can bet I’ll be purchasing ‘Time for Miracles,’ and probably going to see the movie as well.  It doesn’t look too shabby, and even if the song only plays during the end credits, I think it will be worth my $7.50.

Now remember to mark your calendar with the above dates, but also November 24, as it is the day that Adam’s debut CD is to be released.  The name of his first single has not yet been shared, but check back in the next few weeks to find out!

For now, enjoy the sneak peak video above.

I guess it’s a good thing there’s no play count for YouTube videos, huh?….