Star Wars meets Tron: Legacy

To whomever crafted this trailer mash-up,

Thank you for making my day. This is so awesome.

And because that’s just not enough for your daily dose of Star Wars, check this out too:

What Star Wars Occupation Best Suits You?

In case you were wondering, I’m a Jedi Knight. Duh.


Best (and worst) pop culture pumpkins

It seems like a good 90 percent of the population will be dressing up as Lady Gaga or a member of “Jersey Shore” this Halloween.

I myself will be avoiding both trends like the plague, but I might incorporate some pop culture into my celebrations in a different way: with pumpkins.

Pop culture pumpkins are a nice change from the plain ol’ jack-o-lantern and much more creative.

Check out some cool (and not so cool) ones here:


Pro: The Death Star from Star Wars










Con: Death to democracy, a.k.a Sarah Palin









Pro: Iron Man!









Con: Wolfman














Pro: Ridiculously talented musicians, R.I.P.








Con: “Musicians” who owe their careers to 12-year-olds ’round the world

Captain Jack and John Lennon: Pumpkins with pop culture flair

I have a confession to make.

This is the first year I have not carved a pumpkin since I was old enough to wield a knife.

However, I am very much in the Halloween spirit otherwise, and I did find some pretty cool photos online of pop culture pumpkins.

Check them out below!

Dwight from "The Office"

The "Star Wars" Death Star

Captain Jack Sparrow

Barack Obama

John Lennon

I’m impressed…what do you think??