Spring break movie reviews (in 140 characters or less)

Since I saw about 99 movies over the past week and a half, I decided to do something different, review-wise.

I shall review each in 140 characters or less. Here goes!

“Battle L.A.”: Must see in DBOX. Intense battle scenes, scary alien thing. Had little hopes for Aaron Eckhart, but was impressed. J.J. Abrams fans unite!

“Rango”: Talking lizard. Good, but I thought it was going to end three times. It finally did on the third. Hunter S. Thompson nods a-plentiful.

“Take Me Home Tonight”: Let it be known that Topher Grace’s career high was “That 70s Show.” Then this. Then the disgrace that was “Spider-Man 3.” Marginally funny.

“The Adjustment Bureau”: Matt Damon finds dream girl. Loses dream girl. Three times. Runs around in a fedora opening doors. Changes fate. Gets girl back. Oops.

And I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I saw 99 films. A large majority of them were DVDs though, so I figured I’d just go with the currently-in-theaters bunch. Some of the DVDs I finally saw were “Up,” “Despicable Me,” and “The Last Three Days.” I also revisited some of the classics, such as “Clueless.”

If you’ve seen any of these new releases, let me know what you thought!


New “Battle: Los Angeles” clips

I shared the latest “Battle: L.A.” poster a few weeks ago, and now I’m giving you two clips from the movie, courtesy of fearnet.com.

The epicness that is this movie hits theaters in less than two weeks on March 11.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Scream 4” and “Battle L.A.”: the final posters

Dimension and Sony have released the final posters for “Scream 4” and “Battle L.A.,” respectively.

They also happen to be my favorite ones for each film.

Check ’em out: